About myself

My name is Anneke and I was born in Belgium back in 1975.  I have lived in several places in and around Ghent, but after approximately 25 years I traded the city for the country life, far away from all the noise and surrounded by beautiful nature.  I am happily married, no kids, but I do have some pets instead.  When I'm not working, I am all into MLP (or what did you expect...?), but I also have some other hobbies, such as line dance, oldtimer rides, going to a nice little restaurant, cinema, theatre, ...  A very busy life, and even though we have no children, I never get bored, on the contrary : every day is too short!


Pony madness

Some of you may find the following story very recognizable.  During Winter 2014 we wanted to upgrade our attic and we had to remove all boxes and other stuff that we had kept in there.  Like most men, mine felt like it was the right time to deal with some old stuff that had been sitting there for ages and to dump as much as possible.  Now, I have to admit that more than half of what's in there belongs to me and I find it very difficult to part from things, especially when they have something nostalgic.  All of my ponies had been living for more than 25 years in one of those boxes and God knows how many times they were moved from one house to another.  Until the day my husband asked me to take a look inside that particular box, because he didn't want us to keep storing things that had become ugly or got damaged during time.  And yes, that was the start of the pony madness...  I opened it up and looked at the ponies that had lived in my memories for such a long time, with their soft colours and sweet little face.  Only Windy, the first pony my parents ever gave to me, had a perseverant blue stain on the top of her horn and as I am a perfectionist, I decided to throw her away.  After less than two minutes she stood back on the table.  :-D  I just didn't have the heart to throw away something that looks so sweet and I had treasured for such a long time.  I think I would have regretted it for the rest of my life, so it was the best decision I could make.  For once I decided to put my perfectionism aside and to enjoy these beautiful toys that had survived very well after all those years, even though some of them start to show small aging issues.

I had the crazy idea to give the five ponies I owned and all of their accessories I had kept in small boxes a spa treatment!  The more dust I removed and the more I styled their hair, the merrier I became!  I didn't think it was possible, but the feeling I had as a little girl when I was taking care of these little creatures and treated them with lots of love, instantly came back!  It may sound rediculous, but I am not ashamed to admit it.

All of a sudden I started to wonder if I could still find something about them on the internet, so I grabbed my tablet and I started to Google.  That was the point where my herd started to grow; just two months later I already must have had 200 ponies under my roof and I had gathered a whole bunch of accessories.  Luckily I don't have to feed them, but all of them do undergo a full spa treatment before publishing them on my website.  Up until today I still don't have a full picture on how many ponies I own; there are lots of them in boxes that need to be treated, so I still have many months of pony pleasure ahead of me...

Sharing a passion

During my search of "new" ponies I get in contact with lots of nice people.  Sometimes I ask their age, just to make sure that I have not become a victim of an early stage of senility.  To my surprise many collectors and sympathizers have the same age as me!  This feels like a relief and every time I tell people about my hobby and I see them frown their eyebrows, I immediately add this little piece of information. 

The G1 ponies are still very sought after and when I see the astronomous amounts that are being offered on eBay, I can only conclude that they are still very popular among toy collectors, which is the confirmation that I am certainly not the only one that has a crush on them!

It would be such a pleasant thing to get in contact with soulmates who, just like me, are crazy about the G1's and to exchange experiences through this website, read each other's stories, maybe help each other in finding ponies, ...  By receiving a lot of feedback, I hope this site can become a reference for all MLP fans throughout the world!