My collection

Here and there you will find an abreviation, which means as following :

- HTF = Hard To Find 

- VHTF = Very Hard To Find

- OOAK = One Of A Kind = unique piece -> it mostly concerns customized ponies, creations made by other collectors or even true artists who give them a personal touch based on their own taste and fantasy, often with new hair, new body color and a handcrafted cutie mark.

- MOC  = Mint On Card = still in the original packing, in a transparent plastic bubble pasted on a card

- MIB = Mint In Box = still in the original packing, in a box with transparant plastic foil


Then there's also the following terminology :

rehair = pony of which tail and manes were replaced by new hair matching the original factory color

alternate rehair = pony of which tail and manes were replaced by new hair with alternate colors; some ponies get a totally different look by using other color combinations, sometimes even better than how they originally appeared.


My Little Pony is a registered trademark of the American game and toy manufacturer Hasbro, one of the three biggest toy manufacturers of the world.  The ponies sold in Greece were actually illegal copies made by El Greco (this might explain why e.g. the pony wear was always looking a tad differently compared to the US versions).  They were the only ponies sold back in Greece until 1986; due to the increasing import the factory had to close down and was eventually taken over by Hasbro in the early 90's.

While only six Collector Pose ponies were issued in the rest of the world, there were eight of them in Greece; Lemon Drop and Peachy were also sold individually and thus not only as part of a playset.  Snuzzle (which can be considered as a grey Peachy) was replaced by Bow Tie but then with a white body and pink manes and tail.  Most Greek ponies are suffering from "bleeding" symbols : the ink appears to just fade away into the plastic, leaving some vague pinkish stains behind.  The first set of Greek ponies was sold in closed square boxes with a sticker on it to identify the pony (pictures property of


The El Greco ponies were considered to be better than the original ones as an arificial fragrance was added to the production process, which makes these very wanted among collectors throughout the world.  This actually caused riots in Greece, since everyone was desperately looking for these ponies in order to be able to (re)sell them for big money.

The Greek ponies are also well-known for their vivid and bright colours and their sweet vanilla scent.  They are made out of a softer, squeezable plastic material and their eyes are much more emphasized around the iris, which gives them the Egyptian look.  They are also the only ponies that come with brown eyes (e.g. Butterscotch and Lemon Drop).


In Venezuela My Little Pony was poduced by Bisanti and apparenty there were two kinds of ponies : the "normal" ponies, just like the ones issued in all other countries, and then ponies without manes and tail, containing a squeaker where the tail was supposed to be (as in animal toys).  These last ones were not sold in the usual packaging, but in a plastic bag, and with a head that normally doesn't go with the pose.  I read on eBay that due to the factory being closed down the hairless ponies had been lying there for years as unfinished goods in a warehouse under poor conditions.  Only after a number of years these ponies came into the market, supposedly by Bisanti/Pinata Toys.  This might explain why only a piece of paper was added to the cheap plastic bag they were put in, in a last attempt to get them sold.  As of 2011 both versions suddenly appeared on eBay and other selling sites and quickly became collectors items, probably due to their alternate body colors/cutie marks which were never seen before, and of course due to the versions with no hair whatsoever.  They were available with both concave and flat feet, with no reference to the country they were made in, which sometimes makes it difficult to identify their origin.  Just like the El Greco's they were made out of a soft plastic material, which makes them very squeezable; their head was not glued on and stands loose on the body, which enables it to turn it into different poses.  The eyes are always deep blue and were drawn rather roughly.