Here you find an overview of my collection.  This list is far from complete, as I only post the ponies that have had their spa treatment (meaning cleaned bodies and groomed manes and tails).  Not only the preparation of the ponies, but also taking pictures and putting them online with the accompanying information requires a lot of time.  Hence 

Hier vind je een overzicht van mijn collectie pony's.  Deze lijst is tot hiertoe verre van volledig, vermits ik enkel de pony's publiceer die een spa-behandeling hebben gekregen (lichaam proper gemaakt en manen en staart in model gelegd).  NIet alleen het voorbereidend werk, maar ook het nemen van foto's en het online zetten met de bijhorende informatie vergen heel wat tijd.  Hence the slow pace at which this section gets updated.

Along with each pony there's the period in which it was introduced, the year on the hoof, the country of manufacture and, if applicable, the corresponding accessories such as combs, brushes, ribbons, etc.  My ponies are not wearing their original ribbon, and the colors don't match either, as the ribbons usually don't come with the ponies.  I gave them a color at random, and for the same pony I used different colors just to make it easier for me to know which one is which.