In the meantime I have also found a lot of playsets, only a few are still lacking.  With a bit of luck and patience I might be able to get my hands on the missing ones some day, preferably without getting ruined.

The playset which I knew as a child was the Pretty Parlor, the blue beauty salon which was sold along with Peachy.  My father thought it was too expensive for "some plastic" and came to the idea to recreate it in wood -> customizing avant la lettre, you might say.  He has always been a handyman and has brilliant ideas, so I guess he had studied the original out of some brochure and thought of ideas to make one of his own.  I remember him working on it and I was so happy with the result; just the idea that my dad had made this especially for me, his little girl, made me happy, and it still does.  It's a unique piece which I will never part from due to the sentimental value attached to it.  My first ponies, Windy and Sunlight (their picture is in the header of this site), now had their own beauty salon and they seemed pretty satisfied with it.  Not much later my mom and I came accross the genuine Pretty Parlor at a discounted price in some local supermarket, so eventually I got it after all.  I will always keep it, even though it's a bit yellowed here and there and it's showing some spots that can't be removed anymore.  After that, Blossom and Baby Moondancer joined the herd, and that was the end of my collection at the time.


Not all of the accessories that came with this playset are shown in these pictures, but I do have them.