Let's get started!

13/04/2015 00:00

The spare bedroom has now officially turned into the pony room!  Thanks to my beloved husband, who survived his first (and probably also last) visit to Ikea and helped me making the tables I bought as a display for my playsets.  However, I noticed that I still don't have enough space to display everything I have gathered in the meantime, and so I decided to only display a couple of my playsets and then replace them by the others which will be put aside.  And that way, I won't get bored with them too soon either - man, I'm good!  But first I want to clean my playsets, add them to my inventory and put them into boxes, in order to get a clear overview of everything.  I have some doubles here as well, so I will need to make a choice and decide which one will be put for sale (these will probably appear on my site).  A whole lot of work around here!!