Rehairs and visitors counter

21/02/2016 00:00

In the past few weeks quite some ponies were added to my site.  Mainly alternate rehairs, as I have several doubles and I really adore to see them in another color combination.  Other ponies were given a rehair matching their original hair color : I was able to buy some hard to find (and normally very expensive) ones for a really good price, but with a nasty haircut or showing some tail rust.  I wanted to make them look as new again in order to maintain more or less their value (although the die hard collectors are not very keen on rehairs and would rather buy an original pony in the best condition including their original hair; I prefer aesthetics).  I have found two persons (one in The Netherlands and one in Germany) who want to rehair ponies for me at a reasonable price.  For the moment a part is still in Germany, which I expect to be back within a few weeks.

I've also added a nice gadget to my site : a visitors counter!  Although almost a year after this site was created; I should have done this from the beginning, but I didn't know how.  In the end it turned out to be very simple.  This also implicates that, every time I visit my own site, I will be counted too...  But those are just details.  :-)

To end this newsletter with a teaser, I'd like to announce that there are also some MOC's added to my collection : ponies which are still in their original package!!  Very tempting - but totally not done! - to "free" them and to be the very first one to touch them...  One of my all time favourites - and even the Greek version! - is on its way as we speak : Windy!  Very exciting, and definitely something to look forward to!  Pictures to be followed...