28/12/2015 00:00

Like many women I like to change things once in a while and so the time had come to have another look & feel - so here's my restyled site!  In the meantime still giving my little loved ones the care they need; incredible how time flies while doing this.  It's not that I'm constantly looking at my watch, but it seems I am putting a lot of time in their treatment.  And then the time it takes to take their pictures : finding the right pose, putting their hair just right, the lighting never seems to be perfect, ...  I don't seem to find some time for a couple of my playsets that have been standing there for more than six months now, such as Baby Bonnet's School of Dance.  Paradise Estate was given a final spot in my pony room, but doesn't have anyone living there yet.  There's also a number of boxes filled with pony wear that need to be sorted out, and a whole lot of accessories that need cleaning and matched to the pony they belong to.  And to make things even worse, I bought two Fairy Tails playsets, of which the birds also need some urgent TLC!  Dear God, I will never have enough time to do all this...  But it's oh so fun to do...  :-D