Half way through!

11/03/2019 00:00

Two weeks after new year we started working on the Vintage Room : new ceiling, installing spotlights, new wallpaper, and providing completely custom made cabinets.  As this used to be the guest room and there were two wardrobes which unfortunately couldn't be removed, I had to find a way to kinda split the room into a dressing (wow, that sounds so fancy...) and a mini-museum to display my collection.  I drew the room and wardrobes on scale and worked out a setup that would meet the requirements.  It took us hours and hours of work, but eventually we made the final decision and went from there to design the new room.  In the meantime we're in the last fase, which is making the custom cabinets.  In the end there will be a lot invested in materials, time and energy, but the result will be so satisfactory.  It's just a matter of weeks now until I can finally unbox all my stuff, clean it and put it on display.  I'm so excited!!

The room looked like this just before we started (complete chaos) :